Research & Development

The power of innovation

One of our strengths lies in the efforts we devote to researching, developing and improving biocidal products such as rodenticides and environmental insecticides, and our mission is to come up with innovative, effective, sustainable solutions. Our Research and Development activities are carried out by highly qualified staff, who work hand in hand with research institutes and laboratories in Italy and elsewhere in Europe authorised by the competent authorities to carry out tests and experiments on products before their placing in the market.

The results obtained by Zapi’s Research and Development staff have led to numerous inventions now protected by international patents.

Regulatory Affairs

Product safety guaranteed

Our biocidal products are subjected to in-depth studies that are carried out in accordance with international standard protocols by independent, authorised laboratories. These studies are designed to demonstrate the efficacy of the products, and above all to assess their effects on the health of humans and animals and on the environment.

Zapi International Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible for the preparation of products data set and applications required for their authorization for marketing purpose, in accordance with the current European regulation "Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) No 528/2012" as well as with the regulations in force in the main worldwide markets.

Zapi Regulatory Affairs Department is made up of Professionals with international profiles, who daily perform an intense job of research as well as preparation of the required data package for the placing on the market of products. Its staff can support Zapi Customers by preparing products technical and safety data sheets in six different languages.



Our factory, authorised by the Ministry for Health, is able to meet the demands of the market in terms of innovation and personalised services. Our flexible machinery and able staff allow for a significant degree of modularity in the production cycles, as well as the opportunity to make adjustments to both volumes and processing times.

Quality is the very cornerstone of our work: with over 2500 test reports and thousands of checks carried out every year, the quality of the entire manufacturing process is monitored constantly throughout: from the raw materials that enter the factory and the pre-production stages through the industrial processes to post-production, in order to ensure the quality of products and their compliance with standards.


An efficient service

Our high production capacity requires adequate space for stocking and handling goods, so here at Zapi we have three different storage areas spread over a total surface area of 5000 m² and with a total capacity of over 10,000 pallets.

The use of advanced IT technology enables us to guarantee high standards of efficiency: through the mapping and cell management system of our warehouses, combined with the batch management system for raw materials and finished products and the handling system managed throughout with radiofrequency scanners, we are able to monitor the stock situation at any given time, allowing us to respond swiftly to Customer requests and to guarantee rapid, accurate deliveries. In addition, we offer Customers integrated logistics management services, linked up with a network of partners and agents for deliveries in Italy and anywhere else in the world.


Close to our customers

Zapi’s sales and marketing department is constantly committed to identify and interpret the requests and signals coming from the market, in order to develop new products to incorporate into our range.

Zapi’s distribution philosophy is based on the idea of staying close to the Customer and the Consumer: we follow the product along every stage of its journey, from creation to distribution and on to purchase by the end Consumer. Over the years, this approach has allowed us to tune in to the market, picking up on trends and the evolving requirements of Consumers on both the professional and amateur markets, thus enabling us to incorporate those trends and requirements into products and services that correspond increasingly closely to what the market is looking for.

Our Sales Office is a reference point to Customers, which receives and processes orders, and arranges goods shipments in around 60 countries: the relationship with the Client is managed in multiple languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German, English), while territorial coverage is entrusted to our Area Managers.


More than 350 artworks every year

Zapi Graphic Department was created with the purpose of satisfying Customers by offering graphics and communication consulting services, so as to convey the best visibility and diffusion to products brands.

Zapi offer also a wide choice of packaging types, shapes and materials suitable to any Customer’s specific needs. All packaging solutions are created to reduce the environmental impact and shipment costs and easing products handling.